Costume Museum of Canada

Celebrating fashion, culture and history

The costume we wear each day is influenced by climate, occupation, economic factors, societal role, religion, the task at hand, age, gender and the time in which we live. 

Our museum seeks to preserve and exhibit the costumes worn by the people of Canada over the decades.

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The Hat Show

Take a heady journey into the past with the Costume Museum of Canada.

The Hat Show features men’s and women’s original and replica hats from 1880 to 1970, chosen from the Museum’s collection. Models are accompanied by commentary describing the hats and discussing the social context of the styles.

Lasting about an hour, the show can by tailored to meet the needs of your group or event. Contact us to book The Hat Show for your event. 


Volunteer today

The Museum has many exciting opportunities for volunteers. Find out more about volunteering with us.

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