Costume Museum of Canada

Celebrating fashion, culture and history

The costume we wear each day is influenced by climate, occupation, economic factors, societal role, religion, the task at hand, age, gender and the time in which we live.

Our museum seeks to preserve and exhibit the costumes worn by the people of Canada over the decades.

What's Happening


The Short Lived Trend of the Paper Dress!

Trendy and fashionable, but only for a few years. The paper dress took the world by storm from 1966 until the early 1970s. Everyone from Andy Warhol to the Campbell Soup company were in on the action. These dresses marketed as disposable pieces of pop-art clothing were found in all sorts of colours and prints. Most frequently in a simple over-the-head, A-line shape.

Coming soon to our Museum, plan ahead to come and view our collection of these fascinating dresses. While they may not have been made to last forever, they were certainly groovy while they lasted.

Museum Hours : Tuesday and Thursdays 1-4pm and Saturday by appointment only.

Exhibit entrance is free, but donations are certainly welcomed at the door.

Coming Soon :

August will see the return of our Annual Fabric Sale!

We will not be hosting any exhibits during the month to best prepare the space for our upcoming sale.

Date : August 27th with a pre-shop date of August 26th for our paid Members of the Museum.

Don't miss out on all of the wonderful finds! Make sure to put this date in your calendar!

Like what you've seen and want to get involved? We are always looking for Member and Volunteers to join our team and help make each exhibit of the Museum as great as it can be! Contact us for more information!